After egaly awaiting for this trip to come around for 9 months, it's no surprise that I was still wide awake at 4:30am.

I did my last minute packing, grabbed a coffee and before I knew it we where being whisked away to Gatwick.

After a quick stop at the Jo Malone counter and a Buck's Fizz or two in the BA lounge, we were boarding our flight to the Caribbean leaving the stifling British heatwave behind.

After 30 hours of no sleep, I decided to take a quick nap while we where waiting on the runway and woke up 8 hours later in the beautiful island of Barbados.

The roads were lined with an never ending rainbow of houses and the ocean was the clearest colour of turquoise I had ever seen. I knew instantly I was going to love it there. We arrived at the Royal Pavillion and where we were shown to our rooms with a rum cocktail in hand. After an obligatory dive on the bed, we raced to unpack so we could soak in the last of the sunshine on our private decking.

We spent our evening desperately trying to fight off the jet lag by stargazing on the beach, sharing some sandwiches and washing them down with more cocktails, but sleep was calling us. We collapsed into the comfiest bed and drifted off to the sound of the crashing waves and the crickets singing.

We started our mornings bright and early, slowly making our way to breakfast following the smell of freshly brewed coffee while still rubbing the sleep from our eyes. I pilled my plate high with the sweetest fruit I've ever tasted and got to know some of the locals.

This cheeky kitten and his brothers became my shadow whenever I happened to be eating, but I didn't mind this adorable audience.

Our days where spent lying on beach, soaking in the sun and floating in the crystal clear ocean with the turtles. I was rather disappointed that I didn't see a mermaid but I'm holding out hope for next time.

You'll definitely want to bring a strong spf with you, take it from someone who spent most their holiday sun burnt in places I didn't know were possible. If you end up like me make sure you get your hands on some Aloe Vera, and I don't mean the green gel you can buy in the hotel gift shop, I mean the pure stuff. You'll find locals selling it on most beaches, it looks similar to a cactus plant and its cheap as chips. I brought some for $10 which lasted me the entire holiday. Put it in the fridge, slather yourself with it at the end of a long day in the sun and let it absorb. Your skin will be left feeling incredibly soft and it's a miracle cure for a sun burn.

Dinners where long and leisurely, set in some of the most beautiful restaurants I've ever been to. The Lone Star was a particular favourite of mine with its New England inspired interior and exquisite menu. There's nothing quite like sitting alongside the waters edge, listening to the waves roll in accompanied by a bottle of something nice, your closet family and new friends.

The people of Barbados are amoung the nicest I've ever met. Every morning you're greeted by a friendly smiles and well wishes, which pretty much never happens back home in the UK.

If you're visiting the island make sure you try The Cliff, its a must! Get a table right by the water and spend the evening watching the massive fish swim past and taking in the scenery. You'll feel like you stepped right into the middle of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It was hands down one of the best meals I've ever had. You know, the kind of meal that has you trying a bit of everyone's food and leaves you feeling full to the brim, but you can't resist that last bite because its so good? It was truly sensational. You have to try the white chocolate cheesecake, its divine!

If you're staying on the west coast check out Limegrove on a rainy day. There isn't a great deal of shopping, a nice Ralph Lauren and some sweet boutique shops, but home to one of the best pizzas I've ever had! The rooftop restaurant, Fusion, is another great place to try out if you're in the area.

Catch the Reggae bus in, a bus that blasts reggae music and only costs $2 no matter how long the journey - not your typical double decker. Take my advice and skip Bridgetown, there isn't much there to see.

Before we knew it 10 days had flown by and it was time to return home. I left rather unwillingly, I could happily spend the rest of my life on that white sandy beach but reality was calling. 

Thank you for a wonderful time, Barbados. I can't wait to come back. 

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